Information for Parents – Rutland School Transport

Transport for children living in Rutland is awarded in line with the Council’s Home to School Transport Policy. You need to apply for school transport when you are starting primary school and starting secondary school.

Application forms and full information can be found at:

A summary of the policy criteria is as follows:

Free home to school transport will be provided for pupils who meet all the following criteria:

  1. a) Live in Rutland
  2. b) Are of compulsory school age (5 to 16 years), but extended in Rutland to include 4year olds
  3. c) Attend their qualifying primary or secondary school
  4. d) Live over 2 miles from school if below the age of 8, and over 3 miles away from school if aged between 8 and 16.

If this criteria is met, transport will be arranged by the Local Authority Rutland County Council.

Children from low income families attending a qualifying school may be entitled to free transport (low income is defined as those being entitled to free school meals or those whose families are in receipt of maximum level of Working Tax Credit, with no deductions).

Further details can be found within the Rutland County Council Home to School Transport Policy.

For non-entitled pupils, spare places on school transport may be available and you may apply for your child to use one of these places. For further information, please call Rutland County Council Transport Team on 01572 722577 or find the details using