Welcome to the School Council

Our School Council represents the views of all our pupils. It gives children the opportunity to make their voices heard and feel part of the whole school community.

At the beginning of each new school year each Year group votes for two children in their class to represent them at the School Council meetings. The school council is led by a Chair and Vice Chair who are chosen by the elected council members. We also have a teacher representative who helps to facilitate the meetings. The school council helps to provide a voice for all pupils and it aims to meet three times in every half term.

At the meetings the members will bring their ideas to improve the school. Activities they would like the school to take part in, enter competitions, support charities and promote the schools values and ethics.

To be effective, the school council:

  • Works together as a team to ensure we can be the best school possible by discussing ideas and making decisions.
  • Aims to make pupils feel comfortable, happy and safe at school.
  • Listens to others and discusses comments and suggestions that would make our school an even more wonderful place.
  • Aims to make things happen – or explain why we can’t!