Year 6

Welcome to the Year 6 Page!

It's difficult to believe that we are embarking on our final year at Leighfield.  We know there are lots of challenges ahead but Mr Wallace will guide us through and make it hugely enjoyable!  We hope you will enjoy visiting this page to see photos of the classroom and some of our activities.  Don't forget to look in the Gallery and Sports News pages too.  Further details of the topics covered each term can be found in Mr Wallace's Class Newsletter and Topic Web (links at the bottom of the page).

21st July 2017 Congratulations, Well Done, and Good Luck to our fantastic Year 6 class.  We are so proud of you all and wish everyone a fantastic time as they move onto senior school. You have been such a fabulous class all the way though Leighfield and know you each have a successful future beckoning! 

Year 6 and Mrs Roddy organised a fantastic enterprise challenge.  Working in groups they planned money raising games and made items for sales tables (edible and non-edible).  It all went 'live' after school on Friday 7th July when the challenge to see which table could make the most money began!  In gorgeous weather, the event attracted a large number of parents and children who would happily have stayed to spend their hard earned cash later than 5pm! Well done Mrs Roddy and Year 6  and thank you to all the customers tho attended.  Take a look in the Gallery opposite for a flavour of the event.

      Making mosaic collages with Mrs Gray

  Our fabulous diagrams of the heart


During Term 4 we have really enjoyed looking at Greek art with Mrs Gray.  We replicated some Greek designs on our air dried clay pots.  Everyone says they look almost like the real thing. Thank you Mrs Gray!


Two teams of mathematicians from our class attended  the UCC Primary Maths  Challenge in March 2017...and came in 1st and 5th positions! A  fantastic result!  Read Mr Walding's report of the event by following the link at the end of this page.


Thank you Leicestershire Police for coming to inform us about keeping safe and being good citizens:


On 18th November we all enjoyed a visit to Oakham School to participate in the 'Big Sing'.  Take a look at photographs and a report of the event by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page.   You can listen to us singing here: (songs 3 and 4 were sung by Catmose School)

Follow the document link below to read about our exciting visit to the Warning Zone in Leicester.

Monet inspired art       


Science - circuits       



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