Character Project

As evidence of the success of the character project at Leighfield, Mrs Donnaloia has produced collages of photographs showing examples of communicating, concentration, creativity, determination, enthusiasm, independence, listening, love of learning and teamwork.  Follow the links at the bottom of this page to see how our children 'Reach for the Stars' - amazing!

At Leighfield we really value the rich variety of personalities and potential among our pupils and we are delighted to have been chosen to become a pilot school for a project on emotional well-being run by Public Health England.  We know that the future wellbeing, happiness and achievement of our children is a combination of what they learn in their lessons and how they develop their personality as they grow.  Seven Leicestershire schools are working with us to lead the way with this project and by the end of the year we will be sharing our ideas with schools across Rutland and Leicestershire.

We are trying ideas in school which will help children to develop a range of character skills.  A full list of these can be found by clicking the link below.  As parent, you can help by acknowledging with your child when they have used one of these skills e.g. if they persevere with a task and do not quit (we call that 'stickability' in KS1) or if they listen well to instructions then tell them you are pleased.  If you require any further information having read the attachments below, please contact Mrs Sedgwick or Mrs Donnaloia. 

  1. Characteristics List
  2. Learning Characteristics Information for Parents
  3. Concentration Activity
  4. Communicating collage
  5. Concentration collage
  6. Creativity collage
  7. Determination collage
  8. Enthusiasm collage
  9. Independence collage
  10. Llistening collage
  11. Love of learning collage
  12. Teamwork collage