Assembly Themes

Daily acts of Collective Worship take place in school.  Each term the worship follows a planned theme which teachers and visitors are encouraged to follow when appropriate.

The structure of assemblies usually includes music and song, a story or talk, a period of reflection and a prayer.  Most assemblies are for the whole school but some key stage or class collective worship acts also take place.

The children in Reception Class do not join in all assemblies at the start of the year but join in an increasing number as the year progresses.

Stories are shared and festivals celebrated in accordance with the major world faiths.  Tolerance and understanding of other religions is encouraged.

Visitors and outside speakers are also invited to lead our worship.  Parents are invited to join us for special assemblies led by the children, such as Harvest and Spring. 

All pupils have equal opportunities to take part in Collective Worship and to benefit from the experience.

Details of the assemblies planned for each term can be found below.


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